Enrolling in the Cluj-Napoca Universities


Cluj-Napoca is a university town located in central Romania, in the Transylvanian Plateau, in a full social and economic development. The University education has achieved here a high performance. In addition, the real estate field makes of Cluj-Napoca a very friendly city. A lot of foreigners have chosen Cluj-Napoca to continue their studies. Therefore, over almost a decade, a large community of foreign students has been formed in Cluj-Napoca (German, French, Italian, Swedish, English, Greek, Israeli, American, Canadian students). Cluj-Napoca is proud of having the largest community of French students in Romania.

Problems that may appear

Every time they come to Cluj-Napoca, foreigners are facing unexpected cultural issues. Even if they are friendly, the Romanian people think differently, have different habits, are part of a different culture. To an outsider, this may be even more surprising as he or she comes to Cluj-Napoca not as a tourist, but as a student, as a future inhabitant of the town. He or she may need a buffer zone, someone to help them get over what might be surprising for them. In addition to this, universities may require different submission documents, and sometimes, these requirements may suddenly change from one day to another, making registration difficult. In this case, knowing someone in Cluj-Napoca, continuously connected to this kind of information, can be very helpful.

Our helping hand in registration

Our company wants to give a helping hand to the future student when he/she is in need. Therefore, together with our official recruitment partner, MCV.VERMITTLUNG, we support the foreign students registration to UMF (University of Medicine and Pharmacy) and USAMV (University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine). In order not to miss the submission of your application file, we are here to manage your documents: translate them, legalize them, take them to the university and submit them. We want to make sure that your file is complete and you will not miss any of the chances you may have to be accepted.

What are we offering for registration?

  • explaining you the methodology of admission
  • presenting you a list of the necessary documents
  • filing documents you have sent at our request
  • translating and legalizing the documents, if necessary
  • offering online advice, 24h/24h, in the registration process
  • keeping you informed with any sudden change
  • real estate counselling, if you are admitted
  • suggesting alternative options, if you are not admitted

Our final product

Our final product may be a package of services consisting of registration + accommodation + counselling. Nevertheless, our customer may choose only one of these services.

For further informations contact us:

email: imoassist@gmail.com

0040 742504519

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